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Wow I suck at this!!!!

Haaaaaaay. Yeah..... I absolutely SUCK at running a community. Sorry guys.

But anyways, nothing really THAT big has happened anyways. If you follow Rob on his Twitter accounts (two different links there) you know about as much as I do about what's going on in the world of Rob Sheridan lately.

So I'll just link up the latest. The boys are back on home turf now, and this means that the last few NIN dates are coming up! Which ones are you going to, if any? I'm going to both Chicago shows! :D

Anyways, so Rob's been taking a lot of great tourist photos, the latest being gorgeous shots from Tokyo! Take a look. My favorite shot is this one in the cut of a vintage arcade. Why do we not have these anymore in America? :(

Vintage Arcade! Jealous!Collapse )

My big fat Greek Rob. Wat?

Here are the very few pics I got of Rob this Monday at the NIN|JA show in Athens. Staci, are you responsible for the 23 views in one of them? :P

Someone's been eating all of his food, hasn't he? lol

Rob. Rob. Rob! ROB!!!

Staci, if you think you look obsessive, think again. Just try to remember that J-lee, Adam and I were the ones screaming our heads off to get Rob’s attention while he was recording the shows. HE CAUGHT US SHOUTING AT HIM ON VIDEO, DAMN IT.

Anyway. I managed to get a few fairly decent crappy pictures of Rob, so I figured I’d post them. Pictures from Manchester and London(g) can be found here. The password is ‘robsheridong’ (without the quotation marks).

Obviously, having finally touched Rob Sheridan (and his girlfriend, LOLOLOL), I feel I can now die happy. I got some strange pleasure out of watching him moving around onstage with his camera, and there’s also something very satisfying about taking pictures of him as he takes pictures of the band. Meta-photography!...or something. Sure, I missed half of what was going on as I was too busy photographing him or calling him over, but it was worth it!

My favourite Rob moment from the shows? Almost getting crushed to death by a falling keyboard in London and not even so much as flinching. He then walked our way and shook our hands.


For anyone who is unaware of the epic fail EPIC WIN of Adam, J-lee and I ruining Rob’s NIN videos, please direct your attention here, here (this one’s the best) and here.



I know I'm waaaay late, but I've recently discovered Demonbaby.com and it is fucking hilarious.  I didn't check to see what the linking rules were so type it into your browser yourself, lazy asses.


You guys are making me look obsessive ;)

Alright, I know I have no life and this is kinda what I do with my time, but something is amiss when only I post in this community. ;) I'm not "mad" or whatever, I just think it's pretty funny, because it makes me look *slighty* insane. Or maybe that's just me.

I'd really love to see you guys post stuff. Seriously, anything. It doesn't have to be something new (although that would be FANTASTIC too!), anything you want to post here that relates to Rob in some way (and follows the rules over in the community profile) is fair game. And don't think it HAS to be a serious post, either.

KOSIG (kind of snickered, I guess)Collapse )</div>

So as you can see, I want to not be looking like an obsessed maniac, and I want us to have fun. COMMENCE POSTING, DAMMIT :P